In this Globe and Mail op-ed, the World Refugee Council's Lloyd Axworthy and Paul Heinbecker respond to the record-setting global displacement figures released by the UN Refugee Agency and call on Canada to initiate a "diplomacy of refugee reform":

"Canada was lauded in the UNHCR report as one of the few countries that continues to keep an open door to the oppressed. Yes, there are still irregular border crossings caused by a malfunctioning cross-border agreement regulating refugee applications, but compared to practices in other states, we as Canadians can still rely on a broad, authentic empathy for the strangers at the gate, notably from our Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen."

"However, the urgency of the growing global displacement of people requires that the message of solidarity must now be translated into international action and reform of a system under stress, a pressure that will be further exacerbated by the disruptions caused by a changing climate that destroys traditional sources of food, water and safe habitation."

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