The World Refugee Council is shocked and saddened following the passing of fellow council member Surin Pitsuwan. In response to this terrible loss, Lloyd Axworthy, Chair of the World Refugee Council issued the following statement: 

"With the passing of Surin Pitsuwan the world has lost an exemplary statesman, advocate and leader. A man of true principle and conviction, Surin spent his life dedicated to public service and advancing the prosperity of the Thai people, including his service as deputy foreign minister and foreign minister for roughly a decade. 

Surin was a tireless champion for the South East Asian community in which he was so proud to be a part of. A firm believer in multilateralism, Surin worked to strengthen the relationship between nations in the region and represent them vigorously on the international stage. In the time we knew him, it was clear to those at the World Refugee Council that Surin was a man that deeply cared about his community and the well-being of all who lived there. 

On behalf of the World Refugee Council, I offer our deepest condolences to Surin's family and friends, as well as the people of Thailand for their incredible loss." 


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