Sep 18

Second Meeting of the World Refugee Council

September 18, 2017 | 9:00 AM
Amman, Jordan

As a frontline country to the Syrian refugee crisis hosting more than 600,000 registered refugees, Jordan is a fitting venue for the World Refugee Council to continue a dialogue on ways the international community can more equitably take responsibility for refugees. Council members will hear from refugees and host community representatives, including as part of a visit to the Za’atari refugee camp. They will also meet with senior Jordanian officials and representatives of UN agencies and non-governmental organizations to hear firsthand about Jordan’s experiences with refugees. During its substantive deliberations, the Council will consider bold ideas for improving responsibility-sharing for refugees with a particular emphasis on innovative ways to strengthen accountability for refugees and mobilize funds to support their needs. 

To view a full summary of this meeting, please see: English,  French or Arabic version.