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World Refugee Council Report Spurs Canadian Legislation that Would Use Frozen Assets of Dictators to Help Refugees

World Refugee Council Calls for Major Actions to Transform the Global Refugee System

Displacement Urgency Draws Private Finance Fix

Gary Kleiman, Asia Times
| June 17, 2019
World Refugee Council Special Advisor Gary Kleiman looks at the economic impact of the global displacement crisis and discusses some of the innovative financing mechanisms proposed by the WRC and other groups to address it.
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OPINION: Make Corrupt Foreign Officials Pay

Ratna Omidvar, Policy Options
| April 25, 2019
In this opinion piece, Canadian senator and World Refugee Council member Ratna Omidvar makes the case for her new bill, the Frozen Assets Repurposing Act, which would allow the Canadian government to confiscate and repurpose the seized assets of corrupt foreign leaders to help refugees and others who have suffered under their regimes, thus creating an innovative source of financing and providing urgent resources for the displaced of the world.
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