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Empowering Refugees in Times of Crisis

Jesus Rodriguez
| August 1, 2017
To address a migration emergency that shows no signs of abating, states should look beyond building refugee camps and offer economic opportunities to those displaced, says expert Alexander Betts.
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WATCH: Establishing a Road Map for the World Refugee Council

Lloyd Axworthy
| July 28, 2017
What kind of bold thinking and solutions can World Refugee Council members put forward together to help transform the global refugee system and better respond to refugee crises around the world? Council Chair Lloyd Axworthy provides insight following the council’s first meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.
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Canada and the world can still do much more to tackle forced displacement

Julia Sanchez, Gillian Barth, Jean-Nicolas Beuze, Julie Delahanty, Michael Messenger,Caroline Riseboro, Louisa Taylor
| June 20, 2017
Despite record-setting numbers, refugees make up less than 0.3 per cent of the global population. The global forced displacement challenge is entirely manageable. What is needed, ultimately, is political will, and a global commitment to concrete action.
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