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World Refugee Council Report Spurs Canadian Legislation that Would Use Frozen Assets of Dictators to Help Refugees

World Refugee Council Calls for Major Actions to Transform the Global Refugee System

Canada and the world can still do much more to tackle forced displacement

Julia Sanchez, Gillian Barth, Jean-Nicolas Beuze, Julie Delahanty, Michael Messenger,Caroline Riseboro, Louisa Taylor
| June 20, 2017
Despite record-setting numbers, refugees make up less than 0.3 per cent of the global population. The global forced displacement challenge is entirely manageable. What is needed, ultimately, is political will, and a global commitment to concrete action.
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It’s time to fix the broken refugee system

Lloyd Axworthy
Paul Heinbecker
| June 20, 2017
Headlines about refugees tell intrinsic truths. Cumulatively they give us the essence of the story. And that essence is distressing. Consider this contemporaneous selection: "Europe turns its back on desperate migrants"; "Hundreds of migrants feared dead in Mediterranean"; "Trump budget cuts refugee resettlement funding"; "Refugee processing has ground to a halt."
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Canada contributes $86 million more to South Sudan as civil war rages on

Michael Blanchfield
| June 19, 2017
South Sudan has emerged as one of the newest drivers of the larger global crisis in displaced people, one that reached epic new proportions Monday when the United Nations released the latest record-breaking number quantifying the problem: 65.6 million people on the planet have fled their homes.
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