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World Refugee Council Report Spurs Canadian Legislation that Would Use Frozen Assets of Dictators to Help Refugees

World Refugee Council Calls for Major Actions to Transform the Global Refugee System


Globe & Mail Politics Briefing
| May 17, 2017
A Canadian think-tank is hoping to reshape the world’s handling of an unprecedented global refugee crisis that has displaced more than 21 million people.
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Bold Thinking for a New Refugee System

May 16, 2017
Former CBC and BBC Radio Host Mary Ambrose sits down for a conversation about the thinking behind the launch of the World Refugee Council with Lloyd Axworthy, chair of the Council and former Canadian Foreign Affairs minister.
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Announcing the World Refugee Council

May 16, 2017
The World Refugee Council is an independent group of global leaders and innovators aimed at advancing new solutions to the global refugee crisis. The Council will provide much-needed research and recommendations on structural reform, including how best to manage refugee movements; deploy emerging technologies for improved protection and solutions for refugees; promote innovative financing models; and identify opportunities for strengthening the international legal regime on refugees.
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