The the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the UN Migration Agency (IOM) appointed WRC Councillor Eduardo Stein as a Joint Special Representative for Venezuelan refugees and migrants.

The UNHCR/IOM announcement stated:

"Mr. Stein brings vast professional experience, political leverage and deep knowledge of the region, which will be fundamental to support national government efforts to deal with the protection and solutions needs of an increasing number of Venezuelan refugees and migrants. Mr. Stein will be promoting a coherent and harmonized regional approach to the Venezuela situation in coordination with national governments, international organizations and other relevant stakeholders."

"Mr. Stein will be working closely and reporting directly to both the UNHCR High Commissioner and the IOM Director General. He will work to promote dialogue and consensus necessary for the humanitarian response, including access to territory, refugee protection, legal stay arrangements and the identification of solutions for Venezuelan refugees and migrants."

Eduardo Stein is a regional leader on peace building and conflict management. Eduardo has served as the vice president of Guatemala from 2004 to 2008 and as the foreign minister of Guatemala from 1996 to 2000, and has since taken on a leadership role in coordinating the Central American network of think tanks. Best known for his role in the Guatemalan peace process, Eduardo continues to work on issues of peace building, governance and migration.