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Global Refugee Crisis Can't Be Addressed Without a Serious 'Paradigm Shift'

Staff, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
| January 29, 2018
The issue of human migration has become the political third rail of our time — an issue so toxic and so volatile it has swung elections and temporarily shut down the United States government.

And with the refugee crisis poised to dominate another year of headlines and influence domestic politics around the globe, it is difficult to feel hopeful.

Lloyd Axworthy has been searching for possible solutions.
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As the Global Compact on Refugees Takes Shape, Don’t Forget Women and Girls

Jessie Thomson
| December 13, 2017
In 2016, United Nations member states unanimously adopted the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants. In the declaration, states made a powerful commitment to take action on behalf of and in partnership with refugee women and girls, promising, among other pledges, to combat sexual and gender-based violence, provide access to sexual and reproductive health care services, and ensure women and girls’ “full, equal and meaningful participation in the development of solutions.”
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Don’t Expect a Quick Return for Myanmar’s Refugees

Jessie Thomson
| December 1, 2017
Ask refugees the world over what they want, and many will quickly reply they just wish to return home.

Of course, home is not meant as the burning, miserable place they fled violence and certain death. But rather, it's a period of time where they could live their lives in peace.
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How to Stop the Myanmar Crisis? We Can Learn from Kosovo

Lloyd Axworthy and Allan Rock
| October 26, 2017
An ethnic minority targeted by its own country's military. Marauding troops burning villages and committing murder and rape. Large numbers of people forcibly displaced, fleeing in panic and leaving everything behind. Myanmar in October, 2017? Yes, but also Kosovo in March, 1999.
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